Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Non MC's

Here is another record that obviously not too many people know off…

NON MC’S is the crew name and apparently those cats is comin’ from the rotten apple NYC. Not much to say bout the members as I simply don’t have any clue but at least one of the producers – Fran Lover – ain’t a completely unknown in this game as he also realized productions for other acts like Pudgee, Daddy-O, Sticky Fingaz, Nighthawks etc.
The fax bout tha wax: released in 1999 on a label that attracted lots of attention by its earlier 94-release named “Tha East Comin Thru EP” (with Madman Shawn etc.) – East New York Entertainment.
The content: unfortunately you only get radio and instrus but well – I can live with that…the first track is my ish already! “no” – as simple as this – is a pretty smooth tune with a laidback beat. Perfect to get away from it all! “feel it” is the next tune and brings you sound-wise the good-mood-vibes. When u listen to this beat it kinda feels like ur chillin at the beach with a nice drink in your hand and just enjoy the good life! “da ha” is the last track and – at least text-wise – the sickest of them all. The beat is not really my type but the rhymes are so strange I had to rip that too…

Non MC’s_no-12”

On the label of this vinyl you can also see that the guys also refer to a “forthcoming” album titled “nonbelievers”. I guess it only remained with this as I couldn’t find any further info that would confirm the existence of such an LP. If you know more then holla in the comments, thx!

BTW: I have a spare copy of this record here (conditon is VG++) to trade. hit me with an email (see my profile) in case ur interested!


Anonymous said...

did ya get my mail for dat spare non-mcs-12"?

ral278 said...

spare copy is gone