Tuesday, April 07, 2009

NY Confidential

Back again wit a nice piece of wax where u should know (at least) the crew that is …

Most of you know their debut (?) EP from 1998 that was featured – amongst others – on Lordquaz blog long time ago and that is on many wantlists too (a hype you can also see in the ridiculous ebay-game where cats si spending more than 200bucks for that vinyl!). I didn’t rip that EP as you can easily get the tunes on youtube and many other blogs…
Here it is about another EP they dropped on the same (Guillotine Records) label as their amazing 98-EP. This one’s outta 2000 and comes with 3 tracks. Now before you listen to these tracks be aware that they won’t sound like their old stuff. This doesn’t mean that the tunez here are crap – definitely not – but you can’t compare with the older work from them as you get served here with a totally different style.
On the main side you find the banger “where stars are born”. I really like the easiness that is created by that clear piano sample and the beat is also pushin yo ass so I guess that makes it a winner already. Rhyme-wise the crew is reppin their boro – Brooklyn in a pretty solid way.
On the flip you find the next song that is titled “dead end street” – a solid track where the MCs is working a lot with analogies. The last track is “lissen to this” - another solid piece but I guess it will need some time for you to grow on that (as it was the case to me).

NY Confidential_where stars are born-EP

Besides that the crew has some other ish out there as e.g. the “rush-12” plus some more twelves and features on LPs that are not listed in discogs etc.….(google can help!).
Btw: if anyone has the “rush-12” please add in the comments section as I would like to listen to this vinyl once….thx!


Anonymous said...

really feelin' that WHERE STARS ARE BORN track! great find!!!

ral278 said...

yes this track is also my favorite on this wax!

Arti said...

It already not it E. Knight that formerly :(

Anonymous said...

what he said???