Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pesky Varmints

Wassup peepz? Today I’m bringin’ you a pretty sick EP outta the the land of fish’n’chips that goes by the name…

I haven’t heard of this crew so far and the record was a random pick to make worth my overseas shipping costs. THE PESKY VARMINTS from the UK dropped this piece on the Cid Records label. You get served with 3 tracks totally that are: “bravelung” and “mr. majestic” – both tracks have a very industrial touch and also sound a lil bit like Co’ Flow. So these 2 tracks are very solid, not spectacular but also not crap in any kind but the best track on the EP is definitely the last one that is titled “peskaton remix”. Oh boy, how I like the samples bein’ used in there plus the nice beat that fits perfectly IMO. Ya can bet that I had to puff sum lah and enjoy that track when I got that wax some days ago!
Cuts n scratches on all tracks were done by Mr Gravity and Dr Strangearm – production was all done by Strangearm.

I did a short research online but so far couldn’t get any further information about the crew and if they have more stuff than this here so additional information is always welcome in the comments-section.


Anonymous said...

this cru is sick!
gracias - p.

DR. BEAT said...

The Pesky Varmints were from Edinburgh in sunny Scotland. The crew disbanded a few years after this release but reformed as The Penpushers & The Eaters both still based in Edinburgh. The Penpushers have, after about 5 albums, dissolved again and have become Sleeping Ingenuity and are currently working on new album as I write.

check out the Eaters at www.eatersmusic.co.uk
The Penpushers at www.kfmrecords.com/penpushers.html

Mr M, formerly known as: Mister Gravity, Musket Weasel and Magnum Ferret said...

Glad you liked our fruits.

Mr M, formerly known as: Mister Gravity, Musket Weasel and Magnum Ferret said...

Meant to add that we actually used four different Stickers on the e.p's to give them a bit of an individual feel, that and we couldn't actually decide on which one to use. Mr 6 (Laughing Gear, Eaters) also appeared in a Short film entitled "Breath Control" the history of the human beatbox alongside the likes of The Fat Boys and Doug E Fresh.