Monday, December 04, 2006

most famous/wanted inner city blues

a real gem we present you this time and as we both had very hard times until we finally got this jewel in our cratez we just had to post it! REZIDUE's well known "inner city blues" n "dropin' rezidue" released in 1997 on Database Recordings - nuff said!

rezidue-inner city blues-12"


Anonymous said...

I have a question?

Since a long time a search the track "don't get it twisted" from Foundation & Rezidue.

I know that this blog is for your own useing. I don't want to stress you, but nobody else has this wax on the blog. I looked on many blogs to find this vinyl. Nothing... the track is available on the blog form lordquaz, but if you download this, it arrive error message.

it's therefore i asking you, if you have this wax to put it on.... I love this song!

So many thanx for a answer


Rezidue said...

This is Rezidue.. I want to.give thanks to all of the people who have shown support for my music. I.still have unreleased classics from Database Studios circa 1993-1997 and new music for today.. Contact me at peace.

Rezidue said...

I see my single Dropping Rezidue.. Just some history on that song.. I didn't produce that song, it was produced by my boy Tic. I was reluctant to do it at first bcuz I was producing my own music but eventually decided to go with it.. Thanks for the support.