Monday, December 04, 2006

pushin dem wiggz back!

fascinatin' release from the canadian rapper MAESTRO (Fresh Wes). dropped on his own label Maestro Records in 1996 comes this twelve witta 2 dope tracks "death ministry" ft. GAUGE and "pushin wiggz back". one of my most beloved records in my delicious cratez...sweetness!

mirro aka maestro (aightgenossen)

maestro-death ministry-12"

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Anonymous said...

Im feeling your Blog. Especialy the write up about my boys GAuge and MAestro. If you did a little more research ther is an underlying theme a producer called big self aka Panama Red. if you area fan of that sound there was a group he was a part of called Etcetera. there is a song by Etcetera called Tonight. Feat Gauge and UG of the Dwellas.
Ps. I am Big Self. I can hit ypu up with that file.
My email is check out some other stuff that was going on at that time on facebook. page 849 project where Mc's Became.