Thursday, December 28, 2006

life or death?

here comes the first review from this emcee goin by the name of DA GREAT DEITY DAH (aka Da-Smoov). from time to time we'll bring more from this cat as this ain't his only release on wax ... well, let's go back to this one. it's the 96-bomb "life or death, the EP (here and thereafter)" dropped on the label Royal Alchemist Records. on this fine record you find the tracks "life or death-holy eucharist mix", "life or death-hades mix", "dapper, a nappy headed underground rapper", "mind skills", "middle passage ft. the Mystical Pharaos", "how to author a great rhyme" plus a freestyle.... great stuff right here, no doubt bout that!

da great deity dah_life or death-ep

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lordquaz said...

great stuff right here, da great deity dah is one of my favorite cats,
I hope u will post the other 12"
Nice blog