Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunz of Man

probably the most famous rap-crew outta all those "wu-affiliates". SUNZ OF MAN, consisting of Killah Priest (aka The Iron Sheik From The Middle East), Hell Razah (aka Israel The Arch Angel), Prodigal Sunn and 60 Second Assassin, had their debut in 1994 with their record "soldiers of darkness / five arch angels" and since then dropped several wax (12"s, EPs and LPs). more information is found in and their myspace-address... now back to this EP that has been released in 1998 on Echo Int. Recordings. this fine but very dark and moody EP serves us the 4 mouth-watering songs "who are the sunz of man", "the valley of death", "the valley of kings" and "bring back the mike". check it out n enjoy...

sunz of man_who are the sunz of man_ep

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