Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Nappy Crumb Snatchers

outta Staten Island NY comes the crew NAPPY CRUMB SNATCHERS. as far as I know also to be put into the sector of all those "wu-affiliates". now this gem right here is their "real shaolin EP" from 1995. label of this wax is Black Prince Records. tracklist: "black rain", "from the slums", "lump sums", "mentals of da mind", "zero 8". some good ol dirty rotten steez right here so enjoy!

nappy crumb snatchers_real shaolin ep

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Anonymous said...

Never apart or affiliated strictly dungeon rap. Never given a chance by the older gods. There were more members ooo yeah *uck black prince jerkin hardworking niggaa tryin to get on. We still here and if you feel some type way I started this ish in susan wagner hs ..look us up Staten Allstars my name is thirsty reppin slaughter house project's chualready.