Monday, March 05, 2007

us plus one

here we go again with a review for which i honestly can't say that much. this group, US PLUS ONE, was totally unknown to me til I bought this wax for few bucks only... the track "murder me" that is ripped on that vinyl is quite smooth and so it finally landed in my cratez. label is Swirl World Recordings (a label I never heard of before), release year is 1996. well, check it out n enjoy!


Jaz said...

This was 5 Ft's group and he dissed Buckshot on another track they had, I forget the title but it was on a DJ Backspin mixtape from 96.

Jaz said...


ral I FOUND it

Us Plus One-Getting Lyrical (1995)

This just made my weekend


matsi said...

jaz please upload the album :(((