Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Da Noe Doe Network

let's go ahead with another fine EP from that great vintage 1997. released on 4Self Entertainment we present you the crew DA NOE DOE NETWORK from the big apple. the ep has totally 6 tracks plus instrus and is (maybe except track 1 coz of its r'n'b-parts) a pure listening pleasure! tracklist is: "e.n.y. groove", "in a minute (I'm a loose it)", "next stop", take a journey", "yes, yes y'all" and "once upon a time". all production is done by Rock the MC and Skemen (K.C & Gab).

da noe doe network_1997 ep

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Ralven said...

Doe Noe... lately I been watchin you... E.N.Y. Groove is dope as fuck. Me only saw it one time for too much...still on the outside lookin in...;)