Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mass Hysteria

Today’s first entry in here is about some fine Chi-Town production. The record presented now was performed by the members Mike Treese and Gee-Field aka Stone & Robert plus their man on the wheels of steel, DJ Presyce. Altogether these guys are better known as MASS HYSTERIA.

If u haven’t heard anything bout this crew so far then maybe u check once your stuff u got from the other Chicago-crew – the Molemen as these guys work quite close together and MH was featured many times on Molemen-compilations…
Anyway, let’s get back to this piece rite here. The record was released back in 99 on the small label called Wild Onion Ent. and features totally three tracks. “exclusive” is the main-title on this one, a funky track filled with good rhymes and very nice scratch-parts. On the flip it continues with the song “I get a rush” – my winner on this wax. Grimey with a pushing beat and sharp samples – I’m lovin’ it! “there was a time” is the last and kinda bonus beat and comes mystical and smooth – an excellent track, no doubt!

Mass Hysteria_exclusive-12”

Btw. no remixes on this record and this is no wonder if u hear that quote they spittin on this wax: “F?ck a remix we get the shit right the first time" – nuff said!
Also if u wanna learn more bout this crew then hit them on their myspace.


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