Thursday, November 23, 2006

them be the "wanted men"!

2nd release from the SHADEZ OF BROOKLYN. this is their 12" with the tracks "how it's done", "paradise" and "wanted men" (my favorite). Released in 1998 on Pandemonium Wreckordz. Unfortunately I don't have their last 12" (diamond mine b/w calm unda pressure) but maybe my man "deepshit aka onur" can add this twelve in here?!?!

shadez of brooklyn_how it's done-12"


qnzgrimiest said...

this was a good post, i liked there first single change better, but the best song out of the three is wanted men, and that sobraze 4 impak album in 2001.

dome said...

gettin my copy nexx week..wanted man is also my fav..
and yes onur add this other one..neva heard it :D

Anonymous said...


Great blog! Any possibility in gettin' a hold of SHADEZ OF BROOKLYN - CALM UNDA PRESSURE/DIAMOND MINE??

Would be greatly appreciated. Can't seem to find this one.

Thanks in advance.