Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Bushwick Area wins again!

OK - this track is quite known since the "hype" for Premo's "NY Reality Check"-Mixtape. Still this twelve from SHADEZ OF BROOKLYN is one of my most fav 12"s so i had to post it. "change" and the b-side "when it rains it pours" are pressed on this fine wax from PANDEMONIUM WRECKORDZ / TAPE KINGZ.... a record i'd never sell agin!

Shadez of Brooklyn

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Andyman187 said...

Dope blog u mos def bringin some dope indie shit. Anychance u can post the whole 12 Inches u post instead of just the track. Love Instrumentals thats why. We just started a blog dedicated to Instrumental LP's check it out.