Wednesday, November 29, 2006

anotha thawfor-one...

and here we go witta 2nd record i got from this cat THAWFOR. this piece of wax was released on OZONE Music somwhen between 2002-2004. again comes with 2 tracks (where thought is worhsipped 2.2 b/w left behind) which are very smooth, somehow abstract though but solid overall!

peace y'all!

thawfor-where thought...-12"


Anonymous said...

'where thawght is worshipped 2.2' is an incredible production. I had listened to it in a dj krush's set and i always wondered what it was. I really wanted the instrumental version but still all i can be is gratefull to you. Thanks for all the joints you got here.

Nina said...

can u please fix the link ?
please i would buy this if i had a way to do so, i would love to have this release.thank u!