Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yo' brain on drugz???

goin' back in da dayz here and present you some mid-90s dopeness. this is the BOODAH AN DA BANDIT - BRAIN ON DRUGZ EP. Release was in 94 on Tuff City Records and to my knowledge there are two versions available. The Pic-cover version you see right here and another sticker-label version. the ep comes with 5 tracks plus 1 remix and is a pure listening pleasure!

check it out if ya dunno!

boodah an da bandit-brain on drugz ep

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Boodah and the Bandit has a hot cd. That Brain on Drugz (remix) cut is especially hot. Ay yo, I heard someone did a cut using the track from Brain on Drugz, do you have some info on that?