Wednesday, November 22, 2006

yes-yes, put my rap to tha test...

one of my most favorite records ever. since i bougt this wax back in 95 when it was released it must have done billions of turns on my 1210s already. i don't like that ish, I LUV it!! the NY-cat repin' on this excellent 12" goes by the name of MENTAL SUPREME. just heard that he has some more wax out there but till today just found this copy here. i also know that he's still doin' his thang and producin' indie-stuff in NY but that's bout it for the info I can share here. the twelve comes witta 2 tracks "talkin' mad sh??" (mad rhymes, banger-beat w/ funky guitar-sample) as the b-side "no stress" (a dark n grimly beat...just great).
released on Divine Ent. 1995

mental supreme-mad sh**-12"


Anonymous said...

damn I thought I was one of the only kids to have this joint back in the day, seen him rock one show. Record was O.K. I like the beat. Thats a good pick there brings back some grabbing any vinyl at the record store memories.

Brakkbacda said...

Thanks !