Saturday, November 11, 2006

soul kid klik

it was in 1994 when g-clef (founder of the soul kid klik & soul kid records) met the Garfield Bros. he was then managed by them on what was eventually called GZA-entertainment. this is how the SKK became so called Wu-affiliates. SKK released before 1994 two records (if someone can share info on that I'd really appreciate it!). after that year 94 until 2002 there were several releases from SKK and/or their label. I'll start reviewing now one by the other to give you the most complete overview I can provide...

SKK is: g-clef, infamous, blakspik, goodfella mike g, storm the ghetto mutant aka black sonya, malik kahaar ali, skinslaya and dj spinbad.

This gem right here is the SKK-12" with the tracks "desperate times", "spark da mic" & "10 mack commandments". it was released on Soul Kid Records in 1997 and is what I call a typically solid indie-record from that period!

SKK-desperate times 12"

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