Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Wassup people? „back again“ – like that silly-junkhead-crackpot Britney would say, aight! Here we go with a short review bout …
CRAZ dropped the two raw tunes "some try to copy" and "step up" you get served on the twelve here on the Echo label back in 1996 (although the tracks is soundin’ more early 90s to me than that). Production credit goes to well known Frankie Cutlass.
Besides this record there is a second out at least titled “whatcha gonna do / it’s on” but for all those detailed information I highly recommend you to check my buddies Dig-It-Out-Blogspot.
Craz_some try to copy-12”

Well then, two more reviews to come for y’all as then I won’t post for about 2 weeks due to my biz-travel to China…

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