Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jedi Son of Spock

another fine piece from 1998 I up here on request is from …

JEDI SON OF SPOCK. This emcee from Flatbush, Brooklyn is also a member of the obscure (and therefore very sought after material) HOUSE OF REPS and besides that had several guest appearances such as on DJ SHOK’s “padlock/s.o.s.” twelve.
His only solo-piece up to date was released on the Headbop label and gots the two tracks “the journey” and “spitmode”. Both tracks are the shit IMO so this makes this wax to one of those I’d put on my turntables rather frequently… on the track “spitmode” you also have emcee YESHUA DA POED on the mic who’s also responsible for the production of both tracks on this wax.

Jedi Son of Spock_the journey-12”

If you wanna read an interesting interview with JEDI then I recommend you to have a look at unkut!


Anonymous said...

nice 1! good to hear that after all those years! keep it up man!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this reference to the unkut-interview. was very interesting to read that as well!!!
keep up the good work man!

Anonymous said...

heard these cats are finally putting out an album, I heard the "U Gotta love us" joint that shit is fire. House of Repz in 09 wow