Thursday, March 20, 2008


Let’s switch coasts and go to west – South Central LA this time. This is a post about rapper …

KRONDON alias Marvin James. Always stain true to his roots this emcce managed to get first credits n fame when the track “the rules” was featured on DJ Rhettmatic’s (Beat Junkies) mixtape in 1998. this was when he dropped his first record on Heavyweight that includes this ultra-smooth track called “the rules”! besides that the twelve brings more heat in the form of the track “mic v.s.o.p.” and the sleeper “thin minutes”….in all those years I got that wax now this became somehow my fav on it.
Krondon_the rules-12”

The next one to show up in the scene was then the 2000 release with the wonderful “the best form” on it. That record, dropped on S.O.L. Music Works, brings besides this track another two called “james worthee” and the great “god spawn” that also features guest emcee Chace Infinite of Self Scientific.

Krondon_the best form-12”

Then the next one is a record I really doubt that the given information in discogs is correct! Labelwise (Lockdown Ent. / S.O.L. Music Works) this is correct but the record was def released way earlier than 2003! I bought my copy also around the millennium year….anyway, let’s head to the content. On this vinyl you get two other very solid tracks titled “black gold” and “miraculous”.

Krondon_black gold-12”

Also check his discogs entry for further info and links and see what else he released during these years. Lately he was droppin’ more stuff with his buddies Phil the Agony, Mitchy Slick and Xzhibit as the crew STRONG ARM STEADY.



Dumuro said...
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Anonymous said...

nice post ral278, thanks. definitely have to seek for that rules-12". man I like just like that track - this is pure heat!

Anonymous said...

The last 12inch is definitly from 99. Krondon also mentioned the year at the end of the "Black Gold" track.
Nice post, hadn´t listen to his voice for a while...

ral278 said...

thx for that message man, knew that this discogs-release-year can't be true n another collector told me the same too so 99 is def the year of release on here!