Thursday, March 27, 2008

Diezzle Don & Govna

Another fine wax I got from the „cheapo-bin“ in my local record store is from…

DIEZZLE DON & GOVNA. This record was released in 1998 on the Lockdown Recordings. On the vinyl you’ll find two tracks: on the a-side the title “ghetto red hot” that features well-known partner in smokin’ buddah – FUNK DOC aka REDMAN. On the flipside you get served with my personal fav, the track “step into the realm”.
Well, the duo released many other works (also both of em dropped some ish solo – here u can find one from Govna). From all of them wax I mostly recommend you to cop their LP “1995 – year of the independent”.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get this one sealed with the mad promo gimmick!? A blunt sleeve was part of the package as it came out. Don´t remeber exactly if it was glued onto the plastic sleeve or put inside of the cover.
Anyway good piece of wax!

ral278 said...

i might be wrong but this "blunt" was attached to the wax they dropped on Marcion Records, not the one here. had the other one as well but sold now (not my fav at all) but that nice gimmick was smoked long time ago ;-)