Wednesday, March 26, 2008

That Cat Nat

Nice little 1-tracker rite here from…

I recently found this nice record in a “wun-dolla-bin” at a local record store and by already lookin at it (font/style of the sticker) I knew that this gotta be related in a way with Diehard Records. and indeed when reading the credits on the label it mentions that engineering/production was all done at the Diehard studios.
But let’s stop that digression n get back to tha wax that has the track “rock it” on it, performed by (to me) totally unknown THAT CAT NAT. this emcee gets sum backup by another guest rapper that rung bells when I read it….RICHIE THUMBS, emcee from Detroit (if I remember correctly) had already some feat-parts on productions like e.g. Pacewon.
The beat comes phat n hard, not much melody-stuff in here. Shit is sec like the fart of a Brussels biscuit n so I had to cop that record (also considering that I only paid very few bucks for it).

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