Wednesday, March 26, 2008

¨The Madd Rapper

Not exactly an indie-piece rite here but still sum dope underground ish for yo ears…

THE MADD RAPPER aka Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie dropped this twelve here on red vinyl back in 1999 on Columbia records. On this record you gonna find the tracks “dot vs tmr” and the winning b-sider “you’re all alone”. This track was produced by Kanye West (damn, what nice beats this man was able to produce also considering earlier work of him like on Grav’s album and now you hear his new shit wastin yo ears on every radio-channel…too bad!) and also features another rapper you should know when you’re a frequent reader of our blog – FIERCE. Fierce also was guest emcee on a second 12” he dropped in the same year but for all those details I recommend to hit his discogs-entry.


Anonymous said...

Mmh, got an other version of this wax. It´s a common black vinyl pressing with "Bongo Breaks" feat. Busta Rhymes on the b-side. Nothing too spectacular!
Havn´t seen this one before.

ral278 said...

and I haven't seen the other one yet. agree, nothin spectacular but the "you're all alone" track is still quite solid...

Anonymous said...

much thanks for this one ral, quite interested to hear the older kanye production - apparently he put in a lot of work on a lot of the projects D-Dot was involved in. Cheers, B

Anonymous said...

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