Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Fugitives

Alright then, back on the blog with a very nice and mad overseen EP comin’ outta the Raidermen fam…

… where emcees Born Sin, Sinister Zoe & Stocky Stex form THE FUGITIVES. Under this name they released in 1999 this dope 5-track EP “fugitive life” on the Safecracker Ent. Label (formerly known as Raiderman Ent., but that’s quite obvious when lookin’ at the logo).
The record starts with “countime”, a track that is quite speedy and havin’ good cello samples on it. Next is the tune “plus+”, followed by “lick da platta” that features emcee Stress. The sample on this song is well known from other crews that used it (like e.g. Hollow Point or NYCP). On the flip it starts with the track “live & direct” where Busta Rhymes was spittin’ the refrain-part. Last but least comes the track “fuc da police” (startin’ with a well-placed intro-skit of NWA’s “fuck da police”).
All in all a very solid record that one can’t find lots of information when checkin’ the internet.
I heard that they obviously released a second twelve with tracks like “back against the wall / where it at? / teist & turn” but never could listen to that. So if u got them tracks somewhere pls up them in the comments section – really would like to find out how this one feels!

The Fugitives_fugitive life-EP

REMARK: currently in some other blogs the authors are asking for more feedback and y’all know the deal. I think there should be some sort of appreciation for the work we bloggers are doin’ therefore I think it is more than OK to spend very few minutes in your life to give a short comment compared with all the hours of awesome sound you can enjoy (only with this blog here; together with the others y’all have sound for days so c’mon!).
I don’t wanna start things like “give comment and email and you’ll get the link”. That’s kinda “educatin’ the readers” which is certainly not my style so it rests with this appeal here…


Yopparai Jiisan said...

RAIDERMEN! Dope stuff ral278!
I agree though, people should leave more comments. It definitely serves as motivation to post more knowing people show their appreciation. Your hard work is much appreciated!

nedd2 said...

Hi ral,
dope records bro',this shit is hard to find,expansive?

Ern said...

This is nice! I had never heard of it before. Great EP!
Thanks for the post!

Andrew said...

dope pose homie
you allways post dope shit


Chason said...

yep, thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...

I like this indie shit, and I visit your blog very often so that I can get in touch with sort of Hip Hop music I have never heard about.

Thanks a lot, for all your work you put in this and that you are not arrogant like some other collectors who do not share their music.

peace out


DJ SAV*ONE said...

nice drop fam. much support from The Analects.

Anonymous said...

yo ral, noml 2 links wo di chönted interessiere...
i lieb de alt shit vo ghetto concept, ez on the motion ish ein vo mine favorites, drum häts mi fast umghaue woni die lp entdeckt ha... wen de shit aber losisch fangsch ah überlegge ob da e anderi crew ish... nimmt mi wunder wa du saisch ral

ral278 said...

yo moon. thx für die linx! kenn die Ghetto Conceptz schibe und die isch scho enttüschend im verglich zu ihre vorherige 12"s! die entwicklig het mir aber ebe scho im single-vorläufer "krazy world" chönne ahne, wo eigentli nur de track "blood, sweat n glory" was het chönne....tja, schade!

serch4beatz said...

moon woher chunsch du? hesch so n ostschwizer dialekt ;)

Anonymous said...

i chum vo st.galle aber wohn sit me halbe johr zbern..
wo chillsh du? aber nöd au vo sg?
i wür rote züri

grz moon

serch4beatz said...

nee i bi vo de eastside aka thurgau hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey! I need this Ep, could you please re-up the DL-Link? This shit is dopeness, like your blog.Thanx for the work u do

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ScottPippen said...

Hi, very need this EP, please update the link. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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