Friday, April 25, 2008

Strong Peoples

Mellow stuff in the post from yesterday so today it gotta be ruffa again!

STRONG PEOPLES. I have this record since many years in my crates and almost forgot bout it but some days ago I stumbled over it again when takin out some wax to put a mix together. So I thought that this crew here deserves some shine in our blog.
Strong Peoples have been formed in the mid/late nineties by ex Double XX Posse member Sugar Ray aka Ray Slugs. In 1997 they independently released their (as far as I know) debut-12” with the tracks “not gonna be able to do it” (a link to the old D XX P track), then my favourite “war stories” that is great tune underlined with a mad pushin bass line and – last but not least – “it ain’t safe”. The last song is then also somehow the smoothest one on this twelve using a fine piano sample.

Strong Peoples_not gonna be able to do it-12”

When I checked discogs today I found out that the crew obviously had another release in 2004 (check here). Would be great if someone who got that could up it in here! Apart from that I have no clue if they released other stuff.
Also you can check youtube here to find a nice video-cut of the 3 tracks from 97…



Anonymous said...

kenn de "it aint safe" vome jr ewing tape und ha döt sho denkt, die andere tracks mueni au mol ghöre...

thanks, u da man

Diaz said...

I picked up this 12" a few months ago. It Aint Safe is the winner for me. Nice review.

Anonymous said...

yo ral, weiss nöd obs du sho hesh aber check mol

mach wiiter so ral, au wenn di meiste dini arbeit nöd mit comments würdiget.
Big up man


ral278 said...

hey moon. thanx für de link! bi scho mal gspannt druf! ja wäge comments isches immer sone sach gsi...mal wieder en appell starte...mal luege.


verge said...

ral278: Thanks for this. Someone requested it at TROY, so here's a re-up:

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I don't know to much about this kind of music, but I really enjoyed this record, I think it is one of the best record I've ever heard..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this blog is still alive... but is it possible to make a reup of the release?


Ps: is it the full version (Main & clean versions)?

Cheers from Belgium!