Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sonic Sum

Today i post a pretty dope record from the late nineties and the tunez on it is defintely something you may use after a stressful day, dispute with yo’ honey, being fu??ed by the cops or whatever as this is material to calm down and relax…

SONIC SUM, consisting of Rob Sonic (here his myspace), Erik M.O. and Fred Ones released this beautiful piece of wax in 1999 on the Ozon label. This label may ring bells to those who are familiar with the releases of “The Khromozomes Projekt”, “Thawfor”, “Mike Ladd” and so on (the first two artists mentioned here were even reviewed in our blog some time ago…). Nuff rambling on the label, back to the record. The a-side brings you the main title “callarama gala” starting this EP smoothly and with a decent and perfectly fitting bass line. The next is the remix of the track “downtown maze” (the original mix was released on a twelve a year before). Also this track is just right to sit back, sippin juice n probably take out the weed-bag too… on the flip u got the very spherical “flatlands”. This beat convinces with melodies that can take your mind on an astrally trip and the whole track is underlined with a very soft and slow-moving bass line. Additionally the cuts from Fred Ones just fit on the whole work like penis in a pussy! awesome song, that’s all I can say. Last but not least comes the so called bonus track on that twelve that is titled “wayne neutron”. This beat is to me a little bit different than the other 3 ones as it comes more in a electro-funky way. Still it sounds very solid to me and I wouldn’t wanna miss this one on here.
More information bout this crew can be found in discogs or then you can also hit their webpage here.

Sonic Sum_callarama gala-12”

Btw: the crew just dropped their latest work “films” on the Definitive Jux label where they (and especially Rob Sonic as solo artist) are signed these days.

So long……cheerz!


Tonysunshine said...

yeah, definitely a mellow laid back feel on this one. got a different style to it. showin support

Yopparai Jiisan said...

Mirro and ral278!
I just found this blog today.

You guys are instant gods in my books!

So many dope track I haven't heard in years I can now peep again cause of you 2!

Much props, keep up the good work!

ral278 said...

hey yopparai! thx for the comment n glad u like this ish here.
@ tony: thx for the support man n keep up yo great work too man!


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