Friday, April 18, 2008

Primitive Lyrics

Alright guys, here’s a special post this time that I’d put under the category of “broaden one’s horizon”. Since we started this blog in autumn 2006 we showed you great pieces of independent work from the US, UK, Canada and even little from Germany and France. But so far (I’m almost ashamed to say so) we didn’t rep our country Switzerland in any single way, so this gotta change now!!! here’s a piece that I recommend to give a listen to, even though u might face “some difficulties” in understanding the Swiss-German language (well, let’s be honest, u won’t understand any single word!). still u can listen to the flow and especially the beats as they are of a great quality! Nuff bla-bla now so let’s head to them guys from the crew….

PRIMITIVE LYRICS. The crew was founded in 1991 and is therefore one of the oldest in the “Swiss Rap Game”. It consisted of 7 members, a number quite massive but reasonable as you gotta know that they were always playing their sound live on stage. In 1993 they released their first twelve called “tescht”, followed 94 by their first LP. On these productions u definitely feel the influence from the Beastie Boys as their sound was also soundin’ ruff/crossover-like. Then PL took a break for tours etc. in 1995 the PL changed their style (to the good!) with Kay Zee using samples for the first time and creating with that tracks with a psychedelic, sombre and very dense atmosphere that to me sound also little bit like they got influenced by the Wu Tang fam.

This twelve/ep was called “druck vo allne siite” (pressure from all sides) and is to me the best piece they did (and one of the best in whole Swiss rap). So on the a-side you find a track called “uf de luur” (to sit in ambush) – an awesome track, frankly speakin. The second track I put in here as well is to be found on the flip and is called “Hr. Schtei Gerig” that heads in our country know as “schtei” which means nothing else than “stoned”. In this track the crew is on the storytellin’ trip givin funny tales bout stoned people in summer in the city of Zurich (btw also the city the crew comes from). The record was released, as mentioned, in 1995 on the small Swiss REC REC label.

Primitive Lyrics_druck vo allne siite-EP

In 1997 PL dropped their last piece, the 2LP „plag“ (menace). Around 2000 PL disbanded unfortunately but their stuff is still live in the heads of those people who were growin’ up in the 90s!
I also recommend you to visit their still active homepage where you can dl all their work.

Well then, hope you gonna enjoy this special review and the sounds here…comments are very welcome!



Anonymous said...

geile siech! hätt nie denkt, dass me da sowas mal cha läse.
greetings from BNC

Tonysunshine said...

your write-ups are continue to get better & better! I will give this a listen tommorow, as its already 4am here. The guy below me already banged on his ceiling once from my music LMAO. thanks tho. peace

Anonymous said...

hey ral278! cannot understand a word but the beats are fresh. good post!