Thursday, April 17, 2008


‚sup people? Today a nice twelve from the emcee…

TERRAW. His 1st wax-release (to my knowledge) was back in 1998 on the New Yorker label BeatForce Recordings and this is again one of that tunez I was lookin for for ages but had difficulties to source as I just didn’t know the track-ID. “check it out” is the awesome song I’m talking bout and this was a tune that was on heavy rotation at the jams I’ve been that time- heavy basslines and a dark n grimy vibe made this track such a hunted gem to me! So I was almost jerkin’ off when I downloaded a promising lookin’ snippet in a forum and then realised after a blink that this is the one I’m lookin’ for since way back then!
The main title on this wax is called “fevah” that features ragga-dudes Balli & Kemis and is quite solid as well but none compared to the flipside!


The second (and last?) release from this man was in 1999 with his EP that (besides 1 song) was a born loser but u can make ur own decision on that when visiting the Waxattack post


Anonymous said...

Good looking on that one, I love that track too!

Tonysunshine said...

i ordered a terraw record about a week ago for .99 cents on ebay lol. i cant remember if its this one or the one from Brakk ... my memory is getting SHOT Lol. Both are nice drops tho!

Tonysunshine @ The Analects &
The Softer Side

ral278 said...

yeah gettin' older ain't the best for the brains! especially when smokin' herb is added to that ;-)

Chayka said...

Hey I happened to be in the music video for "FEVAH" by Terraw
Does anyone know how I can see it or get a copy of it

It would be nice to see it again-haha