Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot Butter

Today I have a nice single from an album that was (to me knowledge) only released on CD.

HOT BUTTER is the name of this combo-project and the album’s titled “a new chamber”.
Released in 1998, label is C&S Records and the promo release here brings you the track “a jazzy rhyme”, performed by M.M.O. (that is TRIGGA, known from his famous “NY carjack-12”) and featuring The Massive. The b-side is with the beat “me, so, la, so, me” and “the last poet” where Russ Prez (also responsible for productions on all the tracks) is bringing his poems. Another person on the production here is Storm (ex-member of the Outlawz). The crew Hot Butter is, without a doubt, outta the depths of the all overshadowing Wu Tang fam! This is also why on the record (sticker on the sleeve) and also on the CD you find the “Protect Ya Neck Production” label…
In here you’ll only gonna find the title “a jazzy rhyme” as this is the shit on the twelve! Good rhymes n flows that harmonise with the fine melody (made of 2 different piano-samples) and a smooth underlining bass.

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