Wednesday, April 04, 2007


c'min to a piece of wax I just had to get into my cratez - no damn matter what! so i traded my beloved "new world order 2lp by the Poor Righteous Teachers" only for that 12" (well, i knew i can get the PRT-2LP quick n for decent price again, unlike this gem here!)!
this is the typical mid-90s ish that blows of my mind dudes! the crew is called KAOS and dropped this jewel here on Blunted Records. the sweetness includes them tracks "who inda house" and "word life".
enjoy that cream! peace, Mirro


serch4beatz said...

i got mine from for 40 bucks ..steep but worth it :D

s'n's said...

hehehe, the real gemz up in this piece, c ya soon!