Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mass Vinyl Collector's Edition Vol.1

another excellent release from the label Mass Vinyl Recordings. the gem here is the "Mass Vinyl Collector's Edition Vol.1 - EP" that serves totally 3 tracks: "weak minds" by HI-TECH & J-TREDS, "book of death" by 8-TRAK, THE HERMIT & HI-TECH and "money" by THE FACULTY & 8-TRAK. all songs were produced by DJ SHOK.
(Onur! big thanx again for lettin my have this wax! i owe ya...)
peace y'all, Mirro

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Stepin said...

Maaaaad props for thiiis !
Thanks you so so so much man :)

Very nice drope, Hi-Tech is da man. Keep doin this cuz it's only with people like you that HH is still alive.

Thanks you man.