Thursday, April 05, 2007

Most Desh

awesome piece of independent hip hop work that comes to you right here. this is the "Hip Hop is Livin' EP" by MOST DESH. the EP comes with the 3 bangers "hip hop is livin", "cops and crack rock" and "microphone enhancer". the last song was re-issued in 2004 on Armory Records comin as a split-12" with LPSD - back atcha on the flipside. the original 1st press here was released in 1995 on City of Angels Records.
(@ Onur: yo' digga! got a spare one reserved 4 u in my cratez! peace)
well, nuff said...enjoy!


Ralven said...

That was my first crate back in the alltime favorite. Cant stop listening to these tracks.


HokiDoki2 said...

ooh very good 12

thank you very much ral278 for this post !!!!!! ;)

Loris said...

Change the link pleaz
I want to hear this song

Loris said...

please re-up!

Anonymous said...

re-up -->

Anonymous said...

broken link!