Monday, April 30, 2007

Da Nuthouse

Da Nuthouse-A Luv Supream (upon request)
This is a quite overlooked Fondle ‘Em release by Da Nuthouse which featured DJ Active who might have heard/seen in early DMC battle footage. I don’t know much about the group or their whereabouts now but they’ve released a double 12” on Ground Central called “Deez Nutz” in 2000 which featured El Da Sensei among others. Check for more.
review’s been brought II u by: Mr Boogie


shadout said...

group composed of dave ghetto and fel sweetenberg (or sumthin like dat) they drop solo ish now, DG is on counterflow, the other dude has an EP out but i don't remember the label right now

JakeBoogs said...

Thanks for this one Mr. Boogie. Been looking for it for mad long, thanks for honoring the request.