Thursday, April 05, 2007


in 1 of our earlier posts we showed you PUMPKINHEAD's original version already. now this is the "dynamic remix" that peeps also might have heard on the 2LP/2CD mix by DJ Rhettmatic. "dynamic remix" features Pump's ol' homies THE BAD SEED, CES, DCQ, MEAT PIE, OCEAN, POKAFACE and WHAT?WHAT?. the track itself was produced by RunRun Shaw who also is credited for his work on the "negro league baseball" by Natural Resource. the flipside track "wack emcees", is featured by THE BAD SEED and production-credits go to Overtime who also did productions for Natural Resource on their "i love this world".
aight'ten, enjoy!


HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Ah man I`ve been lookin` for that "Wack Emcees" joint ever since I heard it on One For All, a college Hip Hop radio show that was on 89.1 FM up in Ottawa back in the day with DJ El Karam, thanks for the link!!!

STaY BLeSS`n...

thesupremeunknown said...

Thanks for this. I was just checking out Greg Patillo and Project do Fables of Faubus, the track where the horn sample is from. I immediately though of this one which I used to have on vinyl when it came out.