Tuesday, April 10, 2007


alright - here's a review bout a crew I honestly can't say sh*t about it. nothing found in the net that gives some more info so I only can give u these short details. the twelve was dropped by the group NYCP on the Hard Ball label somewhen in the late nineties (I guess). the wax comes witta tracks "yes yes" and on the b-side "cheeba cheeba-get lifted mix" (sample used should be known to the heads that also got the Hollow Point EP) and "cheeba cheeba-insttra smoke mix".
labelwise I can add here that I know of one other 12" that was released on there which was Alamo's "where's your girl tonight"...
check it out n enjoy!


Ralven said...

Yo, nice post. Me also knows only NYCP and Alamo. Still looking for "Where's your girls tonight". Could it be that Alamo - Never Judge A Book was released on Hardball Ent. too? Awfully I never saw a picture of it.
Some time ago I was diggin in the shelves of a friend of mine, looking for new soul stuff. There I found this one: http://www.zshare.net/download/paul_winley-smoking_cheeba-cheeba-vls-sof-zip.html

Was funny as I heard the Smokin Cheeba-Cheeba track. ;)
HHV had a reissue: http://www.hhv.de/item_25778.html
The cover looks the same as the original.


ral278 said...

well "never judge a book" was only released on the ep "revival of the underground" as far as i know. and the copy in HHV looks legit to me as I don't think that these label has re-issues...