Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peanut Butter Wolf

'sup fellas? bring you here a gem from PENAUT BUTTER WOLF (civil name: Chris Manak). this brilliant producer started his career in 94 and I present you here one of my most favorite works from him. it's the 98-release on Southpaw Recordings called the "step on your ego's?" EP. this EP features homies like Subcontents, Charizma, Encore, Zept da Smoker, 50 Grand and Clept the Contortionist. enjoy the shizzle, peace! Mirro


eska one said...

sehr geile ep, hab ich auch. ich bin ein riesen fan von pbw.

ich suche seit langer zeit die 96er "lunar props ep" von pbw. wenn ihr die hättet wär das deeer hammer!!

english version:
sumbody have the "lunar props ep" by pbw? id b forever thankful!

Fleyva said...

yo eska,

I got that lunar props ep. I'll upload it for you in the next couple of days...


madpeanuts said...

this joint is great, everybeat and all, but im wondering why its missing the pbw and charizma track, "that's word"... anyways, great word and hope you can upload this one track. peace.

eska one said...

k, heres "that's word" from my
own vinyl rip: