Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sacred Hoop

Last review for today is a great EP outta the (to me) golden age of indie-rap… 1997!
This time the real sh?t comes from the crew SACRED HOOP which that time consisted of the catz DJ Marz, Fondouglas, Luke Sick and Vrse Murphy. Well, it ain’t no use to tell you much bout the crew cuz if someone’s to present here then its themselves. So best visit their homepage to get all their background, other releases etc…
Well then, back to the wax. This is the great EP from SACRED HOOP called “Retired” and was dropped on Miasmatic Recordings in 97. the awesome tracks like “panhandle”, “burgundy” etc. are pressed on a fine red piece of wax and makes this cream even more delicious!

This is a gem I really recommend and if you guys like that ish then support the artists! They even got that wax on stock so get it!

Sacred hoop_retired-EP

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