Friday, June 29, 2007

Marz Apocalypse

Goin back to Canada again to present you some underrated shit from there.
This time it’s about emcee MARZ APOCALYPSE (aka Shirley Dynamo) who is from Toronto. This guy started his career in the nineties with his debut “Thy Dark Tower b/w Catastrophic" featuring Trench and was always famous for his freestyle / battle skills (that’s why he’s also called the Lyrical Assassin). The production for his first twelve was done by Scam who already worked for Maestro, Thrust, Concrete Mob. If anyone got them tracks plz share in here,thx!
Now here is his second release, also dropped somewhen in the late 90s (I assume). This time the record was released on Parkland Records (MA was the 1st head to be signed there) and brings the two fresh tracks “alpha omega” and “anti rap star”. As you can see on the picture below I got a promo/testpress version of that record but dunno if there were any official releases. If u got more info plz shre in here…

Marz apocalypse_alpha omega-12”

Enjoy this piece!

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