Wednesday, June 27, 2007

N.O.T.S. Click

Sup peeps? This review is dedicated to the crew called N.O.T.S. Click. These cats started releasing their stuff on Official Jointz Recordings (as all their other releases) in the late 90s. in 2000 they dropped, on the same label, their one an only full length that had the title “N.O.T.S. Landing”. To me this LP was a disappointment so I stuck to the 12”s they released in the nineties…
So let’s start with their 1st release which is to me also their best (and most probably also their most famous and sought after). The reason for this popularity is once again Mr JR Ewing who had these 2 tracks also on his 2CD-mix “sun of a gun”. Well yes, I’m talking bout the twelve from 1997 with the track “keep ya eyes open” (James Bond fans will recognize the sample immediately) and my winner on the b-side, the grim “I pak steel” (produced by DJ Shok).

Nots click_keep ya eyes open-12”

In the same year they kicked out another wax that again brought two very solid tracks. This time the crew even got the back-up from well known rapper Big L. so, on the a-side of this 97-release there is “work is never done ft. Big L” and on the b-side “larger than life”. Both productions were done by DJ Spinna.

Nots click_work is never done-12”

One year later the click came back to the game with another release that had the two titles “world renown” (unmistakably it’s DJ Spinna on the production) and “n.o.t.s.” (produced by Garsha Vega).

Nots click_world renown-12”

And another year later in 1999 the crew dropped their last 12” before their (CD only) album. On this twelve you got the tracks “in this game” and “crimes and friends”.

Nots click_in this game-12”

"Back up off me baby let me see where it is A one way ticket to nowhere with nothing to blow here I want it all nigga from the chain to the money If it's something here that you want Then it's something here to die for " (from the track “Back up off me” 2000)

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Anonymous said...

What a post !!!

I Pak steel ... awesome track.

Da indie cratez is definitely one of the best blog on the net.

Respect to the swiss headz.

Dabrovska said...

Eh ben ! Tu mfais palir moi et ma modeste collec ! Merci en tout cas !

lordquaz said...

Good post bro', & great blog, just for the information, u told taht the nots tracks features on jr ewing's son of a gun mixtape, but that's wrong.
Jr put nots tracks on 4 mixtapes: Pour tes oreilles "KEEP UR EYES OPEN"
, independence war "I PAK STEEL
" , self defense "IN THIS GAME
", and Ghetto news

lordquaz said...

Oups sorry, i pressed "Enter"

"BACK UP OFF ME" featuring Big l for Ghetto news.
And @ Dabrovska, nots click's 12" are easy to grab and for pennys.

Anonymous said...

Yo are those 12 Inch Tracks on the CD? I can't remember atm...

THX and PZ

ral278 said...

thx for the feedbacks fellas! lordquaz, i don't have all JR-mixes so I only knew that he definitely has it on the 2CD "sun of a gun", the others you mention I don't know.
to "anonymus": the tracks of the last 12" - crimes n friends- are on the CD as far as I remember...cheers

Anonymous said...

01 Intro
02 N.O.T.S. Landing
03 For The Love Of The Streets 04 Grime Vs. Shyne (Skit)
05 Battling Grounds
06 In This Game
07 Straight Raw
08 Crazy Underground
09 I Remember
10 Life's A Gamble
11 Back Up Off Me f. Big L
12 Another Day In Da Hood
13 Crimes And Friends
14 4 Tha Hard Way
15 Living Life
16 Drugs
17 Why Must I?

djemmare said...

much love man, incredible post with these nots joints, keep it vinyl.....