Friday, June 01, 2007

Godfather Don

This review’s all about the man called GODFATHER DON. I ain’t gonna tell you much about the man as most people here know this guy anyway. If you wanna get more background then I recommend you check this post from Alkuttruz where you also have links to interviews etc. here we bring you now some of his twelves he dropped in the late nineties so enjoy!

The 1st wax is pretty famous due to the fact that one track outta it was featured on the quite popular NY REALITY CHECK by DJ Premier. This is also a reason why this wax is goin’ for mad loot in the bay sometimes… anyway, the record I’m talkin’ bout is from 1997, released on Hydra Records (as all the records in this post) and serves you the tracks *styles by the gram”, “world premier” and “properties of steel”.

Godfather don_styles by the gram-12”

Next twelve from this man was released in 1998. this time you gonna find the tracks “fame” and my winner “da bomb baby”…

Godfather don_fame-12”

Alright, no wastin’ time but straight headin’ to the nexx! This here was dropped another year later, 99 to be exact and brings the songs “do you know” and “who is he?”; both featured by Big Lance.

Godfather don_do you know-12”

And the last one that was also dropped around the same time I guess is a split-twelve that features on the a-side HOSTYLE (of Screwball) with “live from new york ft. Quik” and on the b-side you find GODFATHER DON, PRINCE PO & RA THE RUGGED MAN with the sledgehammer “3 the hard way”.

Hostyle/godfather don_split-12”

“it’s styles by the gram from the muthaf**kin’ man!”

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


menace said...

nice work on those godfather don 12 inches !!!


any chance you guys can get 'piece of the action/seeds of hate' ???

that'd be awesome


rufian said...

Props for this and every other post you've done.

Alot of these tracks take me back to bumping some old Eddie Ill & DL mixtapes back in the days.

Keep on coming with the good ish.

Jack said...

Ah it's torture: the properties of steel track isn't posted, just the image (unless i'm missing something)! Any way you could get that up? Props,

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