Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One aka B-1

What’s crackin guys? Yeah we know you had to wait long time for more reviews in here but everybody needs holidays…
Anyway, waitin’ is over nah mean! Time to drop some more beauties from the independent underground scene for y’all!
So let’s start with a track I first heard on a mixtape by well-known mixmaster JR Ewing. I’m talking bout the twelve from ONE (aka B-1). The wax here is also the 1st release I know off from this man and he put that out in 1997 on Rawkus. The delicious piece of black-gold contains two smashin’ tracks that are “verbal affairs” (which was featured on JR’s tape) and the b-sider “empire staters” (which was on the “Soundbombing Vol.1” compilation).
Later on ONE changed his name to B-1 and dropped (at least) two other records that were in 98 “cardinal sins ft. Kool G Rap b/w the life we lead” and in 99 “put yo’self in my place b/w hustle” both featuring Large Professor!
One aka B-1_verbal affairs-12”

“representin for the scramblers and money handlers who live scandalous…” (from the track “verbal affairs”)

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Dabrovska said...

Jr l'avait mal orthographié, ca donnait One akabi (ca lfait assez bien aussi).

mr. boogie said...