Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MF Doom

Alright. Next one’s bout a man who’s nowadays famous enuff so we don’t need to waste much time about his biography. This is a short review about the Metal Face, mista mad-flowz MF DOOM.
The wax I present you here was dropped on the well-known indie-label Fondle’Em back in 1998. on it you find the two crazy tracks “the mic” and on the flipside “red & gold”. Production credits, besides Doom, go to Chris Scott who was in fact responsible for many tracks that appeared on Fondle’Em.

Mf doom_the mic-12”

Well then, enjoy this shizzle! Peace

Review’s been brought II u by: Mirro


JediOne said...

Ayo, you guys always come correct with the Fondle 'Em butters! Doom's first 3 twelves were ill, but after that I dunno...anyway, thanks for this Ral & Mirro!

Speaking of Fondle 'Em, I got a request if it's not too much to ask...I'm looking for Rok One's "Ninety Degrees A Piece" 12". Think you guys could please help me out? Thanks!

ral278 said...

yo! thx for the comments. we still got some fondle'em stuff we gonna present in here later on - Rok One will definitely be amongst them so keep ur eyez op'n!


JediOne said...

That's word, thanks Ral!