Friday, January 11, 2008

Govna Matic

Here’s a pretty nice indie-work from a man you maybe know better from that crazy 95-lp of Diezzle Don & The Govener. These are some solo-joints from the Govener aka GOVNA MATIC!

I really don’t know when this ish was dropped but soundwise I assume mid-90s. honestly said I have no clue if this here is even a legit pressing but til now this is the only way I’ve found that stuff on vinyl…
The twelve comes with two tracks from Mr G-Matic. On the flip you have the less interesting tune called “vision” (in fact what annoys me there is that simple bassline). But the main track is the deal on that record. “family day” serves an easy and relaxed beat and a line-up of guest emcees that almost goes beyond the scope! So you’ll find besides Govna also these cats spittin some verses: Redman, Tame One, Pace Won, Young Zee, Roz Noble & Runt Dog.

Govna Matic_family day-12”

Dunno if Govna dropped other stuff besides that. As far as I remember is the last stuff I got from him the production on Pace Won’s “Won” LP from 2002 but since that (or before)…??

Anyway, hope y’all enjoy this one here!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


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