Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Foot

And here again you get a review and nice tunez „sponsored“ by ma man Mirro. So let the man talk to you about BIG FOOT…

…nah this is not the one I mean! Me’s talking about the emcee (not that fantasy-thing creeping through the woods) who’s civil name is Christopher Barr and who released during the 90s a few very dope but sadly underrated records! If you don’t know which vinyls I mean then please see here.
Now I tell you some details about this specific record: the tracks on it are called “invazion” and “midevil”. Both songs are – what can I say? Holy shit! Dopeness without a doubt and if I would have to get that record again (now knowing what it sounds like) I would kill for it or sell my sweet mother! “midevil” is a hard and dark beat where Big’s voice gets a massive presence. Just sad that the track is only about 2 minutes long. “invazion” is the main track on this 12” and this one is a pure thriller! I think when I heard it the first time I almost spread tears… but I suggest you make your own opinion here.
The labels on which that awesome wax was released are called Lumberjack & Swamp City and the year was 1997. also interesting to know is that mixing and engineering was done by Tariq from Database Records and this label you most probably know for the two brilliant releases by (Foundation) Rezidue!

Big Foot_invazion-12”

OK, hope you will love that 12” too!


Anonymous said...

danke jungs - hab die schon irre lange gesucht! und ja, ist n verdammtes brett diese scheibe!


laban said...

ill record, if anyone is interested I got one copy for sale at the moment!