Friday, January 05, 2007

he doesn' give a whut???

very recommended 12" from one of my fav emcees right here. this is BIG KWAM's 1996-release on Blind-Side Records, servin the 3 tracks "i don't give a whut? (i don't give a f... pt.2)", "mic to mic" and "i don't give a f...". we'll present you more from this cat in the future as we got at least 3 other records from him, waitin to be reviewed in here. so keep ur eyez op'n!

cheers, ral278

big kwam_i don't give a whut-12"

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qnzgrimiest said...

to me out of the 3 i think i don't give a what pt.2 was the shining star, those dirty drums just had my head noddin nonstop, and back in the mid 90's kool keith was makin some heat, so was godfather don, peace.