Thursday, January 04, 2007

guard the dome!

goin' back in time and presentin' you this 94-production from the crew FOOTPRINTS. this was the former crew of emcee Rezidue, that should be well known to you heads (reviewed his "inner city blues" already in this blog). on this great wax, dropped on Zestland Records, you'll find the 2 tracks "guard the dome" and "pelan". both tracks are in that typical ruff "new school" style - that's some real heat!

footprints_guard the dome-12"


Anonymous said...

very nice site, probably the best indie blogspot I 've found
keep on, we're waiting for the freshest!

Jaz said...

These kids were dope, I wish they had an album.

Ill Blog..

ral278 said...

glad to hear such feedbacks. we'll try to keep the level high (say: presentin u da illest indies possible!

RicoFromPuertoRico said...

keep this shiet thorough