Friday, January 05, 2007

reanimated vinyl

right here comes a wax (don't think that this one here's a legit pressing but teel me if u know more bout that...) from the well-known VINYL REANIMATORS. the record contains the remix-versions of "kool g rap ft. nas - fast life" and "de la soul - the bizness".
enjoy it!

vinyl reanimators-sampler-12"


Anonymous said...

i'd say it is legit. never saw another pressing. there's another one looking exactly the same but w/ only the De La cut on it. beside all the other VR remixes are white label only.

ral278 said...

well-even better! just wasn't sure as another head told me that this might be a bootleg but as I also know the "style" of the other Vinyl Reanimators-records I got unsure...