Friday, January 05, 2007

make it happen, ro!

this here is the 96-release on D.A.L. Recordings from JUST-RO. this fine wax comes with the 2 tracks "souldiers" - a song that isn't that great as it comes too soft and cuz of it's refrain-part, and "confusion" - the real winner w/ smoothest harp-samples!



qnzgrimiest said...

ive been wanting to hear this for a minute, the confusion joint is mad ill, this seems more of a throwaway track that he didn't used on his on day it'll make sense album, the souldiers song i was kinda of dissapointed by, i like it but not what i expected, sonuds like a throwaway beat from the 80's, keep posting that ill shit and keep up the good work.

Ralven said...

Pretty nice track. I love the refrain...still looking for this one.