Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dolo recs again!

another release on Stretch Armstrong's Dolo Records is this 97-production by the DUTCHMIN. the record gives u the well-known track "get your swerve on" and "surrounded". both very solid tracks from which "get your..." is still my fav as it's just fascinating how one can make such catchy tune by using only very few samples!
BTW: the track "get your swerve on" hasn't been released on Dolo for the 1st. this song was published like 1 year before on a small indie-label called Street Life Ent. but watch out for bootlegs of that pressing!

dutchmin_get your swerve on-12"


Jaz said...

Yeah I always dug those joints...they always remind me of Stretch and Bobbito shows from the late 90's.

shadout said...

the version on street life is different from this one and is a lot better, but even the bootleg is hard to find now

ral278 said...

yeah, also like the street life-version more than this one (got it on a sampler) but the bootlegs are (or have been) quite easy to find (at least here in Switzerland i've seen some copies in various stores..)