Friday, January 05, 2007

hey mister!

it was in the late 90s when i often heard that track on my fav radio-station here in Switzerland and took my a lil' while to find out, who that be... then i missed to put that wax on my wantlist and forgot bout it in the years til I ran on that record just few weeks ago while diggin w/ my fella Mirro! this is KOOL G RAP's "hey mister mister". a track that has only been released as such a white-labelled pressing. really happy i found that one for a good price n so it's rotatin heavily on my MKIIs as it makes me remember the good ol' days!

kool g rap_hey mister mister

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qnzgrimiest said...

that beat is just ill, kool g rap always sounded good over dark piano beats, i just wish he stick to it, not to say his stuff is not good nowadays but its not as hard as was back then, but lyrical wise he never dissapoints.